What we do

We use cutting-edge full-stack development practices to drive growth across the finance, manufacturing, advertising, and education industries.


  • Digital Advertising Analytics

    We use complicated image and video recognition technology to find what your audience and customers love. Using advanced analytics, we find what your top competitors are doing right and what they are doing wrong, so you can compete with the best

  • Data Collection and Analysis

    We use advanced scraping and data collection technology to bring the best results to our clients and services. From Amazon data, to specific competitor research, we can find, analyze, and present the data that will grow your business.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    We know how Google works inside and out, and know how to bring you to the first page. Our blogger and influencer outreach programs, as well as our on-page SEO tricks will have you seeing increased views and sales in no time.

  • Private Holdings Management

    North Atlantic is constantly developing and starting new properties in a wide variety of sectors, all focused on automation and technology driven management

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